Edtech 542: Final Reflection



Now that my project is ready it’s time to present it to my team, skill specialist and administration. I hope to receive their blessing and implement it this year in my classroom. They are aware that I was developing it and were open and supportive. What would be outstanding is if another teacher in my grade level would join me and also implement it in their room. This would be wonderful to help bounce discussion off as we progress through the process. Continue reading


Edtech 542: Week Nine Reflection


Additional thoughts on Assessment.

The way a PBL is facilitated in a classroom actually allows for more personalization than would be normally found in whole group class instruction. By allowing the instructor to move about and help the students as needed the instructor is also able to make formative assessments or assessment for learning, as he or she is monitoring and moving about. This process also requires that students learn to ask for direction when they need it, part of being responsible for one’s own learning an important skill. The teacher has the opportunity to assess for learning and can use what she learns during facilitation to adjust instruction to meet the needs of individuals or the entire group. This formative assessment is used to guide the instruction and for meeting the individual needs and differentiation as the teacher sees necessary. Continue reading

Edtech 542: Week Eight Reflection


In an article by BIE Institute, Teachers as Guides and Facilitators, research conducted just 20 years ago, by Walter Doyle, found that learning elements that required higher order thinking, collaboration and freedom of choice and mobility require “more direct control and management”.In my classroom, I seek to provide exactly these elements but with less control and with facilitation that is nurturing and coaching and less managerial in nature. I want my students to learn to manage themselves, not be managed. Continue reading