Edtech 542: Week Two Reflections


June 14, 2017

They use to tell teachers “Just shut your door and teach” and we did. I now realize how wrong this is. In a time when collaboration is increasingly important for students as we prepare them to work in the 21st Century it is also critical to the success of a teacher. No longer can we shut our door and teach information but we must remove the walls, open the door and connect.

This week in Edtech 542, the value of collaboration became very clear.  As the student, I found the challenge of creating a Project Based Learning Project so incredibly hard. Designing the driving question is driving me nuts. I realized I can not do this alone and do this well. What would we tell our students to do to solve a problem that is so hard? We’d want them to ask for help, to research others’ work, to collaborate. So that is what I did. I now am working with a partner so we can bounce ideas off each other until we get it right. I connected with experts on social media who by the way lifted my spirits with their encouragement. Finally, I have emailed other teacher friends seeking advice. It’s a process, but when faced with a challenge, no way I can shut my door.

Source: My Learning Log, Edtech 542 Reflections


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